Founded in 1984, the Wisconsin Parkinson Association is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization and serves five Midwestern states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Indiana. Since its inception, the WPA has provided information and resources about Parkinson disease to enhance public education and awareness of the disorder and to support people with Parkinson’s and their families. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the WPA is committed to helping its local community. Wisconsin has at least 20,000 people living with Parkinson disease, which is one of the largest populations of Parkinson patients in the United States.

The WPA distributes materials to its members and to the community at large and conducts education training opportunities of health-care professionals who serve the Parkinson population. 
Let the WPA be your resource. When supplied with knowledge, acceptance, support, and determination, you can do more than cope – you can remain in control of your life.

Our programs and services include:

Information and Referral
We can provide basic information about the disease
and referrals for help with treatment, care, support groups, assisted living or care facilities, and allied
health professionals. Please call us toll-free at
(800) 972-5455.

Resource Lending Library
We offer access to a full lending library that
includes literature, books, and videos on Parkinson disease. Click here for a list of available items.

Support Groups
The WPA has organized and developed scores of support groups and now, with collaborative relationships, publicizes
more than 100 support and exercise groups of various types throughout the Midwest. These groups meet monthly and are
designed for people with the disease and their caregivers. The types of groups include support for people with PD, caregivers, young onset, and

Public and Medical Education

Through our outreach efforts, we are in touch with thousands of people each year through conferences 
and symposia, workshops, and mini-education
 sessions and via the creation and dissemination of information through brochures, pamphlets, a 
 and our website.

Public Awareness
The WPA works to educate the public through community-based programs and health fairs.

Volunteer Program
Individuals, family members, and medical professionals all make great volunteers! We need help with facilitating support groups; visiting patients in the hospital; speaking at conferences, workshops, or support groups; planning and organizing events and galas; and providing support and guidance for newly diagnosed patients. Become a volunteer!