The Wisconsin Parkinson Association is a member of the Community Health Charities of Wisconsin, a statewide entity that organizes and implements workplace-giving programs to support a wide variety of health-related charities.

Along with United Way, Community Health Charities provides opportunities for employees to support the health charity of their choice through a payroll deduction program at work. If your company or organization is participating in one of these giving programs, you may have heard about the campaign recently. Generally, the workplace campaigns run from mid-August through mid-November.

How will this help the WPA?

People from all over the state who have been affected by or care about Parkinson disease can select the WPA to receive all or a portion of their donation if they make a pledge at work. We may receive hundreds of new gifts through this program.

How can I help?

It’s easy! If you are currently working, watch for the employee giving program at your workplace. Look for the Community Health Charities information, select the WPA from the list, and make your pledge. The WPA will receive your gift along with other co-workers who made other pledges.

Federal donors can use our five-digit CFC Code, 90754, no matter where throughout the world they are located; please note that this code is good only in Federal campaigns. Most public sector campaigns use codes, and they will be distinct to that particular campaign.

We participate in campaigns throughout the country with our local Community Health Charities affiliate, Community Health Charities of Wisconsin. You can always find the WPA under the Community Health Charities of Wisconsin listing, regardless of the campaign. 
So look for -- and write in directly -- the name of the Wisconsin Parkinson Association.

If you are retired or not currently working, tell your family and friends about the program and encourage them to give through their workplace-giving program. Every gift will make a big difference! If you want more information or have any questions, contact us at the WPA or visit Community Health Charities.

Why support the WPA?

The WPA is a small, private nonprofit organization that provides awareness, education, and support for persons with Parkinson disease. It provides a magazine to its members, networks with nearly 100 support groups, presents four day-long conferences throughout the region, conducts community Parkinson disease screenings, hosts workshops for people newly diagnosed, and offers a free resource and referral program. We are completely dependent on private donations for support. We receive a small portion of our budget from membership dues and event fees, and the rest is from the generosity of people like you. So this program is very important to us. With the population of new Parkinson patients growing every day, our services are more important than ever.