The WPA provides information to GuideStar, a national clearinghouse and watchdog for nonprofit organizations. Donors may access program, administrative, and financial information about the WPA by logging onto

Allocation of expenses

Seventy-eight cents of every dollar raised goes to support the people we serve through the WPA. Twenty-two cents are used for administrative and fund-raising costs. View the breakdown of how donor funds are used.

The WPA's most recent financial information is available for public review.

How we fund our mission

Support for the WPA’s programs, services, and research comes from our members and contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations. The WPA receives no government support of any kind. It has to raise 100 percent of all of its revenue.

Your gift is used to directly help the more than 10,000 people that we serve each year who are affected by Parkinson disease.

View a list of the WPA's programs and services.

View a copy of the WPA's most recent annual report.