Your membership donation helps us to increase programs and services to people and families affected by Parkinson disease. For the past 25 years, the WPA has provided education and support for people with Parkinson disease as well as increase public awareness and understanding about the disorder. In addition, the WPA has raised money – more than $1 million since 2001 – to support research for better treatment and the causes of Parkinson disease.

WPA members receive by mail (or, if preferred, by email) The Network magazine, which is published quarterly with information on the latest treatments, community resources, events, and activities; invitations to education seminars, classes, and conferences; details about services and events for those with PD and their families;
 and free access to our resource lending library. 

Help us to reach out, to provide help and hope to more people who are affected by the disorder. Through your membership donation to the WPA, you can become part of a community that seeks to lessen the effects of PD through better treatment and, ultimately, to identify the cause or causes the disease.

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WPA memberships are annual, with renewals occurring each April.

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