Clinical Trials Department, Regional Parkinson Center

The clinical trials department of the Regional Parkinson Center conducts studies on the efficacy of new medications for Parkinson disease and related disorders. The department is well known for its contributions to major clinical studies and has among the highest recruitment rates reported in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Additionally, patients taking part in the studies state that the care and attention they receive during the process of drug testing is of the highest quality, and they feel that attention to their personal needs is always excellent.

Quotes from patients/subjects about their experience in a clinical trial:

“A very enjoyable, very pleasant atmosphere. We are all working for the same goal. They make you feel accepted, and, overall, it’s just a good place to come to.”

If you would like to enquire about participating in a drug trial, please contact the Regional Parkinson Center at (414) 219-7450 to determine whether you meet participation criteria. If so, you will be evaluated by a staff physician to further determine whether you are appropriate for among the studies now being conducted at the Regional Parkinson Center.